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Midwest blizzard raging on

I am really not seeing anything on the snowfall reports this morning that is any thing real surprising...which means that we have indeed seen a lot of 1-2 foot snowfall accumulations be reported from the southern Plains northeastward into the Midwest. At the very least I can confirm totals in that range for places like Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Joplin, Columbia, Moline, Peoria, Rockford, and Chicago.

With winds still howling in a lot of the Midwest, blizzard warnings were still posted across eastern Iowa, northeastern Missouri northern/western Illinois, and southern Wisconsin even the bulk of the snowfall here on this Wednesday morning has moved east of those areas. Behind the storm is very cold air, as we saw lows below zero this morning in a lot of the hard-red winter wheat belt; it will be just as cold there tomorrow morning, and Illinois westward in the Midwest will also be below zero tomorrow.

That's not very nice weather...but that cold is really going to pale in comparison to what we have in store for next week. We will see temperatures moderate across the Nation's midsection going into the weekend, but brutally cold air will again be seen in the Midwest and Plains on Monday and that will quickly spread east for the rest of next week. I would expect that most of the Midwest and Plains will have three consecutive mornings with lows below zero (and a few spots might even make four in a row for Tuesday to Friday of next week). I think that we will see a stretch of weather lasting 72 hours or more in which northern parts of Iowa and points west and north do not ever get above zero.

Without a doubt, it will be the coldest weather that the center part of the Nation has seen this entire winter. It looks like the bulk of the hard-red belt will go into that cold with no more snow on the ground than they had with this week's cold, as just some very light snow is possible in that area for about Sunday and/or Monday.

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