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Midwest sees nice weekend rain

The big winners with regards
to weekend rainfall in the Midwest was eastern Iowa, the northern third of
Illinois, far southern Wisconsin, and a good part of Ohio where rainfall totals
of over an inch were the rule but localized rains were much heavier than that.

The big story is in Chicago,
where over an inch of rain on Friday morning at O'Hare airport was followed by
seven inches of rain for Friday night. The eight-plus inches of rain at Chicago
for the weekend means that we have taken ourselves from one of the drier Julys
on record there to what is now the second wettest on record (with a good chance
that this will become the wettest ever, given rains likely to fall there late
this week).

Waterloo, Cedar Rapids,
Burlington, Moline, Dubuque, Rockford, Toledo, Mansfield, and Columbus are
other areas seeing very good (or very big) weekend rainfall totals. A very
important (and previously very dry) area between Peoria and Chicago got a nice
rain during the day yesterday.

For areas further south in
the Corn Belt, it was much more of a "hit and miss" affair, with some
places getting a nice rain (such as Lawrenceville in Illinois) but a lot more
places not doing very good (very little rain falling for the weekend at St.
Louis, Springfield, Decatur, Bloomington, Champaign, and Indianapolis, just to
name a few). The same areas that got the best (worst) rains over the weekend
are the areas that are looking to see the best (worst) rainfall amounts for
this work-week.

Not much rain will fall
anywhere in the Midwest for today and tomorrow, but rains will be breaking out
in the far northwest by Wednesday morning and it will be the northern and
western Corn Belt that will be favored for rains for Wednesday and Thursday.

Rain chances will work into
southeastern parts of the Midwest by around Friday but amounts/coverage may not
be good. It looks like a lot of heat again for Wednesday and Thursday in the
central and southern Corn Belt, with July 31 to August 2 also looking to be a
hot period in especially southern parts of the region.

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