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'Monster' winter storm rolling through

A potential monster of a winter storm is moving out of the Rockies and will begin to intensify over the Kansas plains today moving across Missouri tonight and toward west-central Illinois early tomorrow morning and northeastward from there over southern Michigan tomorrow night.

Some models want to push the storm track farther north than this track. The deepening storm will unleash 50+ mph gusts late tonight and tomorrow to the north and northwest of the storm track, bringing 1 foot of heavy snow to the north of the storm track in some areas across Iowa and Wisconsin. It may be hard to measure the snow because of the wind. Blizzard warnings have been posted across Iowa and Wisconsin for tonight and tomorrow. Winter storm watches and warnings are posted from Colorado across northern Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, northern Missouri, northwest Illinois, Wisconsin, and northern Michigan.

Farther east, potentially heavy rainstorm totals are forecast for parts of northern Illinois, where Chicago may receive more than 2 inches of moisture with the rain probably changing to snow later tomorrow and tomorrow evening with 2 to 4 inches of snow and maybe more. A tremendous temperature contrast is forecast along and near the storm track: Temperatures will be in the 50s and 60s in some areas of central and southern Illinois and western Indiana with much colder temperatures in the 30s and 20s to the north and west. Severe weather potential will be enhanced from the temperature contrast in some parts of Illinois and east and south tomorrow.

As the storms moves by, expect a temperature plunge with strong winds. Obviously major interruptions in travel plans are going to occur the next several days. A Christmas day storm could be brewing farther south with snow maybe from northern Texas to southern Missouri and Illinois. It looks BRRRRR cold after that storm in the Midwest.

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