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N-Edge to Protect Fertilizer and Environment

A new nitrogen (N) stabilizer for fertilizer management will be available this spring for growers. CHS Inc. will sell its NBPT-based urease inhibitor, N-Edge. N-Edge is for use with urea, UAN, or manure. It can prevent up to 30% N loss and improve profitability, says Maria Abbott, CHS product development specialist and agronomist.

N-Edge will provide a 14-day window of protection from N loss for surface-applied N until incorporation or rainfall. “It’s important to deliver nutrients at the right time, in the right place, and at the right rate,” says Michael Johnson, director of marketing and product strategy for CHS. 

Volatilization can cause up to 30% N loss, leaching can cause up to 20% loss, denitrification can cause up to 35% loss, and erosion can cause up to 20% loss, says Johnson. N-Edge can help farmers to lose less N, he says.

Abbott says N-Edge technology is proven to reduce N loss through volatilization, denitrification, and leaching. It also blends and dries faster, covers better, and enables treated fertilizer to flow freely under a wide range of temperatures and humidity conditions, adds Johnson.

N-Edge nitrogen stabilizer is marketed to cooperatives and independent dealers. It will be available for spring 2016 application, according to CHS.

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