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New Corn Rootworm Technology on the Way

Monsanto has been granted final U.S. approval for MON 87411, or corn rootworm III (CRWIII), which marked the trait’s final U.S. approval necessary to support full food, feed, and environmental authorization.

This product represents the third RNA-based technology submitted for global approvals by Monsanto, and it's the first RNA-based insect-control trait. Prior to this, Monsanto had obtained USDA deregulation for MON 87411, which was published in the Federal Register on October 27.

This new technology will build on the current biotechnology products planted by farmers today by adding a new RNA-mediated mode of action. According to a company statement, this new technology will not only enhance the effectiveness of controlling corn rootworm but also prolong the durability of the existing Bt technologies currently in the market for corn rootworm management. 

MON 87411 will be combined with other deregulated corn traits as a pyramided product named SmartStax Pro that provides both above-ground and below-ground pest protection. It would be the first product of its kind.
Monsanto is planning a full commercial launch by the end of the decade, pending additional regulatory approvals, including a registration submission to EPA for SmartStax Pro as well as global approvals.

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