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New hybrid fungicide offers expanded disease control

Regev HBX offers protection for soybean, rice, and pecan crops

A new hybrid fungicide will offer soybean, rice, and pecan growers greater disease protection. Summit Agro USA noticed gaps in existing fungicide protection, prompting the creation Regev HBX hybrid fungicide.

“Regev HBX benefits from the combination of tea tree oil, a botanical ingredient, with a conventional fungicide (difenoconazole). This is why we call it a hybrid fungicide,” said Eric Tedford, R&D manager for Summit Agro, in a news release.

Listed as FRAC BM 01 (tea tree oil) and FRAC 3 (difenoconazole), trial data showed Regev HBX offered effective protection against frogeye leaf spot and Asian soybean rust on soybeans. The fungicide is also effective against rice blast and pecan scab.

The combination of tea tree oil and difenoconazole provide eight mechanisms of activity against fungal and plant pathogens. Regev HBX’s efficacy against a broad spectrum of diseases, paired with the ability to enhance plant growth and yield, provides significant value to soybean, rice, and pecan farmers.

Regev HBX is available from Helena Agri-Enterprises and Tenkoz member companies. For more information, visit

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