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New partnership brings visibility to regenerative farming

CIBO Technologies and Bushel debut CIBO Carbon Bridge.

A partnership between CIBO Technologies, a science-based technology company, and Bushel, a company that provides software technology solutions for the agricultural industry, will bring visibility to sustainable practices throughout the supply chain. CIBO Carbon Bridge will provide pay-for-practice financial incentives for farmers transitioning to regenerative farming.

“The new partnership with Bushel is helping to increase the pace and penetration of regenerative adoption and setting the stage for more collaboration across the ag value chain,” said Nitzan Haklai, CIBO Technologies vice president, business development, in a news release. “But just as importantly, we’re focused on helping farms make the transition, and meeting those early-stage investment costs that can truly become very real roadblocks to a better future for farmers and consumers.”

Regenerative agricultural practices are effective at reducing greenhouse gasses and building climate-resilient soils, but the starting costs can keep farmers from implementing them. Through Carbon Bridge, farmers can access per-acre payments in year one while receiving agronomic support, a faster return than many traditional carbon market programs. 

“We believe that bringing visibility to these new programs is a critical piece of helping U.S. growers, and hopefully the rest of the value chain, realize the operational and financial benefits of climate-smart agriculture,” said Allison Nepveux Bushel, director of sustainability, in a news release. “We believe that creating reductions in carbon emissions will be one of the first true monetizable business opportunities for food and agriculture supply chains. That starts with making sure switching to regenerative practices is economically viable for growers. The CIBO program is a great example of testing and enabling that. We hope this collaboration is just the beginning of a much bigger vision for our grain facilities and their growers.”

Individuals and farms can prequalify for CIBO Carbon Bridge and sign up to see when the program is available in their area.

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