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No-till on the Plains sets Winter Conference

The annual Winter Conference of No-till on the Plains is set for Jan. 27-28 in Salina, Kansas.

The 2015 theme is "Unlocking the Potential on Your Farm," and is intended to help farmers with basic concepts and principles, plus help farmers in advanced no-till systems to evaluate soil health, grazing opportunities and cover crops.

The two-day conference features keynote speaker Dr. Fred Provenza, who will discuss the importance of change to keep producers imaginative and create new opportunities. As professor emeritus of Animal Behavioral Ecology and Management in the Department of Wildland Resources and Ecology Center at Utah State University, Provenza's expertise is in the study of how behavior links soils, plants, herbivores, and humans and their collective effects on the health of landscapes.

Joshua Dukart, certified educator of holistic management from Bismark, North Dakota, is the second featured speaker. He will focus on the need to think of regeneration of the landscape on farms and ranches.

Other topics at the annual event include:

  • Soil Biological Fertility and Soil Microbes
  • Cover Crops – Increasing Nutrients, Decreasing Inputs
  • Success with Companion Crops
  • Extending Cropping Days with Relay Crops
  • Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems in Agriculture
  • Grazing Livestock in Continuous No-till Systems
  • Managing Carbon for the Soil and the Atmosphere
  • Climate, Crops, Cattle and Covers, Adjusting to a New Volatility
  • No-till Equipment Basics

Registration costs for the Winter Conference is $175 before Jan. 10; $225 thereafter. Spouses can attend for an additional $90.

AIM Symposium Scheduled for Jan. 29

Spend an extra day in Salina to attend the one-day workshop, Agriculture's Innovative Minds, with the topic, “Healthier Soil, Healthier Plants, Healthier Foods."

Taking place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., the program takes an in-depth look at how soil health filters up the food chain into human consumption.

Registration for the AIM Symposium is $199, with pre-registration before Jan. 10 required. Spouses can attend for $99.

More information, including online registration, is available at

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