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Dicamba Movement Prompts Arkansas Shooting

Argument Between Farmers Results in Death, Says An Arkansas County Sheriff.

A dispute over over movement of dicamba herbicide has prompted a killing in Arkansas.

KAIT-TV news, a Jonesboro, Arkansas, ABC affiliate, reported that Mississippi County, Arkansas, Sheriff Dale Cook confirmed a Thursday shooting near Leachville, Arkansas. Cook said the shooting was due to an argument over dicamba drift. Sheriff Cook said Mike Wallace was shot to death following the argument with Allan Curtis Jones.

Earlier this year, off-target movement of dicamba has damaged thousands of soybean acres in the bootheel of Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee. The damage is linked to Monsanto’s Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans that tolerate dicamba.

Following Chinese approval last February, Monsanto released Xtend varieties for planting in 2016. These soybeans tolerate both glyphosate and dicamba applications.

However, federal regulators did not approve a key link of this system — new dicamba formulations low in volatility potential. Existing dicamba formulations could not be used on Xtend soybeans in 2016.

Complaints in these states are centered around the allegation that existing formulations of dicamba not labeled for use on Xtend soybeans — such as Banvel and Clarity — have moved into and injured neighboring non-Xtend soybeans and vegetable crops. Over-the-top applications of existing dicamba formulations on Xtend soybeans are off-label and illegal.

Monsanto officials have said they released the Roundup Ready Xtend varieties because farmers had seen them in plots and, in some cases, on their farms and wanted the opportunity to plant them.

Earlier in the growing season, a number of elevators refused to accept Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans, citing lack of European Union (EU) approval. EU approval did occur this summer.

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