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Old Man Winter strikes again

Winter storm warnings and advisories across northern Illinois continue in effect until noon today. Snowfall is slowly diminishing here as the center of low pressure has already tracked up the Ohio River valley into southwestern Pennsylvania. Light to moderate snow continues to fall over northern Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, as well as much of Pennsylvania, New York, and the New England States.

Showers and thunderstorms are moving eastward from the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida. Snowfall reports range from 2 to 3 inches along the Illinois-Wisconsin border to 5 to 7 inches south of Interstate-80. Chicago. O'Hare had recorded 5 inches so far at 6 a.m. with Midway closing in on 4.5 inches. Across central Illinois snowfall totals are running 6 to 9 inches. Southern Iowa reports 5 to 6 inches with the central part of Iowa in the range of 2 to 5 inches to little or nothing across northwestern Iowa and an inch or so across northeast Iowa. 

There will still be a few bands of moderate snow this morning, especially to the south and east of Chicago and along the Lake Michigan shoreline where the northeast winds gusting over 25 mph will boost totals somewhat. Wind chill warnings effective later today warn of very cold temperatures tonight and much below-zero wind chill factors near -20F. to -30F. by early tomorrow morning as the early morning temperatures cool to -10B to -15B across portions of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and northern Illinois.

A slow warming trend may begin later this week and early this weekend with some more snow possible on Saturday and Saturday night across the Midwest, followed by more bitter cold for a few days. The 6- to 10-day forecast shows much below-normal temperatures across northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, with below-normal temperatures across the Midwest into the Delta and much of the Mid-Atlantic states as well as New England. Above-normal temperatures continue across the Southwest.

The 11- to 15-day temperatures forecast below-normal temperatures for the Great Lakes States and the northern Corn Belt states with normal temperatures for the Delta states.

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