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Another frosty morning

Last week's sub-freezing temperatures were more widespread and got no market attention, but I think it is still worth noting some additional cold temperatures this morning in northwestern parts of the Midwest. I was expecting a lot of 32-35 degree lows this morning, but a few spots got colder than that.

Most notable were readings of 29 degrees at Sioux City (a new record for the date) and 30 degrees at Norfolk. For both of those locations, those are cold temperatures than were seen last Thursday and still represent freezing temperatures about a week earlier than normal (today is the first day of fall, after all!). Temperatures also got below freezing this morning at Spencer and Sheldon in Iowa, as well as Wayne in Nebraska and Brookings in South Dakota. Dominating the Midwest weather pattern for today into the middle of next week is a closed upper level pressure system that is now in the process of becoming entrenched in eastern parts of the Midwest.

Notable rain was already recorded yesterday in southeastern Missouri, southern Illinois, all but northwestern Indiana, southeastern Michigan, and all of Ohio but there is more where that came from. Rain activity is going to be pretty scattered and quite light in the eastern Corn Belt (say, areas east of Interstate 35) but will increase in coverage and intensity for Sunday through Tuesday as the upper level low strengthens.

Better than a half inch of rain over the next five days may be seen as far west as extreme southeastern Minnesota and far northeastern Iowa, with better than an inch of rain for Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and far northeastern Illinois. While all that rain is falling though, you will not have to go very far west to find very little rain; I would look for most spots west of Interstate 35 to see no rain through the next five days.

By next Wednesday we will see rain in the Midwest confined to mainly just Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, and all of the Midwest will be dry next Thursday and will likely begin a period of several days with dry weather for the region.

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