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Another Rough Winter? Farmers' Almanac Says So

Not again!

A year ago, the Farmers' Almanac, which has been around for almost two centuries, accurately forecast the record-breaking cold and snowy conditions in the nation's center. Now, amidst the sweltering late-summer heat, they're at it again.

The 198th edition of the Farmers' Almanac says this winter will be another harsh one; it likely won't be as severe in spots as it was last year, but it will be "another one for the record books," says Almanac editor Peter Geiger.

"The winter of 2014-2015 will see below-normal temperatures for about three-fourths of the nation, with the most frigid areas occurring in and around the northern Plains and Great Lakes," the latest Farmers' Almanac says. "No region will see prolonged spells of above-normal temperatures."

There is one caveat to this projection, though: El Niño. The book's weather outlook was compiled before federal weather officials confirmed a switch in the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) to an El Niño pattern, which typically means a milder winter for the Midwest. The good news is that system could mean badly needed rainfall for the severely drought-stricken state of California, but Farmers' Almanac editors say they still believe winter will be a rough one for the Midwest.

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