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Another wet weather weekend ahead

Farmers in Ohio have an extraordinarily high amount of corn to put in the ground. 

Given the date on the calendar (93 percent left, to be exact), it is very likely that we will see very little Ohio planting get done this week and the forecast is not holding out a lot of hope for next week either. 

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A nearly stationary upper level low pressure system brought Ohio widespread rain yesterday and that will continue to be the case through tomorrow. Rains will then be moving in from the west over the weekend, and above-normal rainfall is suggested there for the 6-10 day frame as well. 

By the looks of things, at least 80 percent of the corn in Ohio may still need to be planted by the time we get to the week ending May 29! Things are not going to be a lot better for Indiana and Michigan either, as those areas are under a similar weather set-up as is Ohio. 

We are getting fieldwork done this week further west, but by no later than Saturday even that will be shutting down and there is enough rain in the forecast to believe that very little fieldwork will get done really anywhere in the Corn Belt next week. 

Our first storm system will bring 1-2 inches of rain for most of the western half of the Midwest by the end of the weekend, and all of that region is in above-normal rainfall for the 6-10 day time-frame. For the middle of next week,  a storm system sets up quite a north-south temperature forecast in the region (thus triggering what should be another substantial rainfall event). 

I really like the odds for rainfall in much of the hard-red winter Wheat Belt, both for the next five days and for the 6-10 day time, but that does not include extreme southwestern Kansas southward through the Panhandles where rainfall should remain very limited. One to two inches of rain in the northern Plains spring Wheat Belt over the course of the next five days and more rain next week will keep spring grain and row crop planting in that area slower than desired. At least temperatures will be on a warming trend into the weekend (most of the Midwest will be 80 or higher by Sunday).

But, another round of below normal temperatures looks likely after the middle of next week.

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