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Plant health promoter certified for tank-mixing with row crop herbicides

The certification will bring Employ’s crop yield and quality improvements to corn, cotton and soybean growers.

Employ, an biochemical plant health promoter by Wilbur-Ellis Agribusiness and Plant Health Care, has been certified for tank-mixing with a select group of row crop herbicides. Previously used in fruit and vegetable production, Employ is expected to be adopted by corn, cotton, and soybean growers. 

“In recent years, farmers have faced more environmental stresses from weather extremes and the pests and pathogens that come with those extremes,” said Chris Wooley, Wilbur-Ellis specialty actives portfolio manager, in a press release. “An application of Employ, over-the-top in the initial herbicide application stimulates the plants’ natural defenses reducing the impact of crop stress throughout the growing season and helping them deliver higher yields at harvest. We’re excited to offer this technology to corn, soybean, and cotton growers for the 2023 season.”  

When applied in early growth stages, Employ initiates a Systematic Acquired Resistance response. This response allows roots to grow more vigorously and makes the plant more resistant under stress, improving crop quality and yield.

The following herbicides have been approved for tank-mixing with Employ in select locations. Always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions for these products.

  • Engenia (Dicamba) by BASF
  • Tavium (Dicamba + S-metolachlor) by Syngenta
  • Xtendimax (Dicamba) by Bayer
  • Enlist One (2,4-D) and Enlist Duo (2,4-D + glyphosate) by Corteva
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