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#Plant19 Still Has a Long Way to Go

Weather delays have pushed corn and soybean planting back further than ever.

The nation’s corn and soybean farmers have a long way to go to wrap up #Plant19, according to USDA’s most recent Crop Progress Report, which shows that U.S. corn planting is just 58% complete – a gain of only 9% in the last week.

The report was released Tuesday – a day later than normal due to the Memorial Day Weekend. The report estimates planting and emergence progress through Sunday, May 26. 


U.S. corn planting is just 58% complete, compared with 49% last week and the five-year average of 90%. 

As of Sunday, corn planting was just 35%, 22%, and 76% complete in Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa, respectively – three states that account for the bulk of the nation’s corn crop. In the last five years, the crop in those states was 95%, 85%, and 96% complete by this time, signaling that farmers have a long way to go to get the 2019 crop in the ground. 

Of the 18 key corn-producing states that USDA tracks in the weekly Crop Progress Report, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas are the furthest along, with 95%, 93%, and 93% of corn plantings complete. 

USDA estimates that 32% of the 2019 crop has emerged, compared with 69% vs. the five-year average. Emergence in Illinois, Indiana. and Iowa are 20%, 10%, and 42%, compared with the five-year averages of 84%, 65%, and 77%. 

Corn progress map from 5-28-19


If corn crop progress is behind, soybean planting is falling way back. Soybean plantings in the 18 states that represent 95% of the 2018 soybean acreage are only 29% complete, vs. the five-year average of 66%. 

Iowa has 32% of its crop planted, well off the five-year pace of 77% and only a 5% improvement over the May 19 crop report. Illinois has just 14% of its crop planted, compared with 70% from 2014-18; and Indiana is just 11% complete, vs. its five-year average of 63%. 

Only 11% of the nation’s crop has emerged, whereas the five-year average is 66%. 



The 2019 winter wheat harvest has kicked off in Texas, with combines rolling in central Texas. 

The crop is 66% headed in key winter wheat producing states, vs. the five-year average of 76%. Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas lead the way in wheat-heading progress among major wheat-growing states, with 96%, 96%, and 84%, respectively. The crop is generally in good to excellent condition, with 61% of the nation’s crop earning those scores, compared with just 38% last year.  

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