Planting, Emergence at Five-Year Average

  • May 31 Crop Progress

    The USDA-NASS Crop Progress report for the week of May 31 showed that planting and emergence are right on pace with the five-year averages. In the top 18 corn-producing states, 95% of corn planting is done and 84% has emerged. The five-year average for corn planting is 94% and emergence is 79%.

    The photo on the left was taken in Washington, Indiana, by Ethan Clarke.

  • Crop Condition May 31

    Corn condition is the exact same as last week with 62% in good condition and 12% at excellent. Last year was almost the same with 63% of corn rated good and 13% excellent.

    The photo at the left was taken in Newport, Arkansas, by Brittney Turner.

  • Soybean Planting May 31

    Soybean planting and emergence are also close to the average from 2010 to 2014. Seventy-one percent of soybeans are planted in the top 18 soybean-producing states and 49% of soybeans have emerged. The five-year average for planting is 70% and 45% for emergence.

    Caitlin Buswell captured this soybean shot on a farm in southeast Iowa.

  • I-states Corn Planting

    Corn planting in the I-states is almost completely wrapped up with 100% done in Illinois, 95% in Indiana, and 97% in Iowa.  Emergence is a little ahead of pace with 94% emergence in Illinois compared to the 88% average, 81% in Indiana compared to 77%, and 90% in Iowa compared to 87%.

    Corn is at leaf stage V4 on a farm near Roachdale, Indiana. Photo taken by Instagram user Cornie the Cob.

  • Midwest Planting, Emergence

    Crop conditions in Missouri are slightly behind the nationwide averages. Emergence is at 81%, 49% of corn is in good condition, and 4% is rated excellent. Minnesota is ahead of pace with 95% emerged, 62% in good condition, and 8% excellent.

    Tyler Mudd took this photo of a corn plant near Monroe City, Missouri.

  • Corn Condition Wisconsin

    Corn is also looking good in Wisconsin with 86% emerged, 67% of that in good condition, and 17% rated excellent.

    “Corn is growing well with the rain we’ve gotten in the last week,” says Katie Reineking who farms in Plymouth, Wisconsin. “Should have no problems being knee high by the 4th of July this year!”

See corn and soybean progress across the country.

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