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Rain finally headed to Plains, Midwest

Rains was starting to work into portions of the Texas panhandle early on this Thursday, and that rain marks the start of what should be a nice rainfall event for a lot of the hard-red winter wheat area. The bulk of this rainfall is for today through a portion of tomorrow, and like yesterday I would still expect plenty of 0.25-1.00" totals but the Texas panhandle in particular may do even better with a lot of places there getting more than an inch.

This rain is badly needed, not only because of how dry it has been recently but because one cannot be optimistic about additional rainfall chances for that same area for probably the rest of the two-week forecast period. Thus, places that do happen to get short-changed on rainfall over the next 36 hours are going to be in pretty serious trouble.

Rains from that system will spread into the Corn Belt for tomorrow night and for the weekend, and there should be a couple more systems for that area (as well as the Delta and Southeast) for the work-week period of next week so the odds are good that we can get the bulk of the soft-red winter wheat areas a very nice drink of water over the next week or eight days.

We may see some interaction with tropical weather late next week for southeastern parts of the Nation as well, as we will likely see the formation of Tropical Storm Richard today (which could very well become a major hurricane and impact the Yucatan peninsula for early next week) and the remnants of that storm may eventually target parts of Florida.

It still looks like some very warm temperatures for the middle part of the country for today through Tuesday or Wednesday of next week (probably some days in that period in which especially the southeastern Corn Belt and the Delta have temperatures running 15 or more degrees above normal) but much colder for next Thursday in the western Corn Belt and Plains and by Friday of next week for areas further east.

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