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Rain, snow & frigid temps

Light rain is pushing eastward across north central Il this morning. Most rainfall amounts were less than 0.05" over northern Mo. Burlington, Ia reported .14" and Galesburg, Il reported .15" of rain. Meanwhile some light snow was developing across eastern SD toward western Mn and northern Ia for today.

Much heavier storms were developing along the Ohio River Valley where .25 to .75+ rains are forecast today. A winter storm will develop over SD tomorrow and push snow across Mn and northern Ia into Wi and the Great Lakes states on Sunday into Monday. Rainshowers could overspread parts of Mo, Ia and Il on Sunday.

Most rainfall amounts are going to be light in the .25-.50" range across Ia and northern Il, but there is a chance for heavier showers more than .50" from St. Louis southward. Some of this rain could help aid low water levels on the Mississippi early next week. The river stage at St Louis was slowly falling again this AM. Much below normal temperatures are forecast for the northern Rockies on Sunday.

Strong winds are forecast for southern Ca. Much below normal temperatures are forecast for the central and southern Rockies and the great plains including Ne and western Ia on Monday AM with temperatures cooling to the single numbers. Normal to Above normal temperatures are forecast for later next week however with highs in the 30s to 50s for the midwest.

Unfortunately, the drought is forecast to continue from the southeast the midwest and western parts of the country. According the National Weather Service, El Nino is unlikely to occur before next spring. This reduces the chance of drought over parts of Asia and should reduce the effects of flooding in South America.

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