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Rain streaks through the Midwest

Very significant rains occurred over the weekend from south to north along the southern and central Mississippi River Valley and today over the Ohio River Valley.

Along the central Mississippi River Valley several reporting stations are indicating that topsoils are becoming moist. The successive rains over the past 30 days plus September rains are helping to ease the Severe Drought conditions across NW IL and NE IA. Some weather reporting stations are reporting over 150%+ of the normal rainfall for the past 30 days.

The warm temperatures and lack of frozen ground is allowing some of this moisture to run off, and the river stages are actually rising a little from the surface runoff. Today's rain over the Ohio River Valley plus the residual moisture from the remains of Hurricane Sandy are aiding in a slow improvement of river stages along the Ohio River. This storm came from the west, and there were significant snows reported in the Northern Rockies, which eventually drain into the Missouri River Basin.

Unfortunately, the western Hard Red Winter Wheat Belt did not receive much significant moisture from this storm. A significant portion of the winter wheat was reported in poor to very poor condition last week. Temperatures are forecast to warm across this region through the next 10 days, and some spotty light precipitation is forecast over the Western Winter Wheat Belt after November 20. 

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