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Rain to remain in northern Corn Belt

Weather Market Commentary

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thoughts presented in this report
yesterday that the heaviest near-term rains in the Midwest would be shifting
further north than where they had been so far this week has proven correct, as
early morning radar on this Thursday showed widespread rainfall largely north
of Interstate 80 in Nebraska and Iowa. Some of this rain has been heavy, with
radar estimating that some localized rains in northwestern Iowa, northeastern
Nebraska, and southeastern South Dakota have exceeded three inches. I can
confirm actual rainfall totals (through 5 AM Central Time) of 2.32" at
Spencer, 2.42" at Sioux City, 2.85" at Sioux Falls, 3.14 at Fort
Dodge, and 3.75" at Yankton (with rain still falling at some of those
spots at the time of this writing). Several counties in northwestern Iowa and
northeastern Nebraska were under flash-flood warnings early today. Rains should
continue to have a northerly bias in the Midwest in the near-term, whether it
be from the rains associated with a warm front today or rains associated with a
cool front moving through late tomorrow and during the early weekend. Much of
Minnesota, northeastern Iowa, far northern Illinois, and most of Michigan and
Wisconsin will likely see another 1-2 inches of rain from early today through a
portion of Saturday, with heavier 2-4+ inch amounts for eastern Minnesota,
extreme northeastern Iowa, and western Wisconsin. South and west of there we
will see some 0.50-1.00" amounts, with lighter and more spotty rains south
of Interstate 70. Areas south of the warm front over the next two days (which
would include all but far northern parts of the Corn Belt) will be hot and
steamy for today and tomorrow with temperatures in the 90s and dew point
readings in the upper 70s to around 80 (creating heat index values near 110);
heat advisories have been posted for southern Iowa and points southward. The
middle of next week will probably feature another couple days with heat and
humidity, but there is no indication that rain chances will stop (with rainfall
in the 6-10 day time frame in the Midwest looking normal if not above normal).

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