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Rain-drenched Midwest to see little drying

Wet weather early in the weekend
capped off what was an incredibly wet week of weather for a lot of the Midwest.
Not much rain has fallen in the Corn Belt over the past 24 hours, but the 48
hour period ending Sunday morning featured extensive rain across much of the
region and some of it was very heavy. 

No more was that the case than in
northeastern Iowa and far northern Illinois, areas where radar is estimating
that some places saw six to eight inches of rain (and one can confirm an actual
total of more than six inches at Chicago in that period). That rain simply
added on to the big totals that same area saw late in the work-week period of last

Radar estimates that an area from
east of Waterloo to near Dubuque to just south of Rockford picked up 8-10+
inches of rain over the past five days; towns such as Oelwein in Iowa and
Freeport in Illinois appear to have been especially hard-hit by the rains
(which were responsible for a dam breaking on the Maquoketa River at Lake Delhi
in Iowa). 

The Midwest got a break from the
rain yesterday, and much of this work-week period is not looking too wet
either. The biggest rain threat in that period will be coming for Tuesday night
and into Wednesday when a cool front pushes into the region. Strong storms with
that front may produce some locally heavy rains in northern parts of the
region, but anything close to what we had last week is not in the cards. 

The chances for a more widespread
rainfall event for the Midwest will arrive late in this work-week period
through early next week. One can find weather models that really want to hit
the Midwest hard with rainfall again in that period, but there is clearly not
100 percent agreement on that forecast. 

There will be heat around the
Midwest from time to time but nothing that looks too extreme. Tomorrow will be
a day with a lot of 90+ degree heat in the region, and still 90s on Wednesday
south of Interstate 80. 

Those models that want to suggest
big rains for the end of this week set up a "battle zone" for next
weekend in the Nation's midsection, with big heat for the southern third of the
Corn Belt southward through the Southern Plains and Delta, while much cooler to
the north. Again, there is not real good agreement right now among the weather
models that such a weather set-up will indeed be seen.


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