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Rainfall varies sharply

Rainfall from our pesky upper level low pressure system in the eastern Corn Belt stayed pretty scattered and mostly light through Saturday, but really was on the increase yesterday and in the end we saw some big weekend rainfall totals for far southeastern Missouri, far southern Illinois, western Ohio, southwestern Michigan, southeastern Wisconsin, and all of Indiana.

Weekend rainfall totals of more than an inch are being reported at Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, South Bend, and Fort Wayne; more than two inches at Indianapolis and Bloomington (IN); more than three inches at Dayton; more than four inches at Evansville; and more than seven inches at Cape Girardeau. For all of those areas, the heaviest of the rains are now behind us, but off and on rains are going to be seen through Wednesday in the Corn Belt for much of the area to the east of Interstate 35, with northeastern parts of the region staying damp for Thursday and Friday.

It will be a sharp change to dry conditions to the west, where little or no rain is forecast west of Interstate 35 through Friday (just as that area was dry over the weekend as well). Saturday morning will dawn dry for the Plains, Midwest, Delta and Southeast, and much of that same area will stay completely dry for the 6-10 day time frame to allow even the wet areas of the eastern Corn Belt to dry out some and get additional harvesting done.

The biggest problem with the forecast coming up is in the hard-red winter wheat areas of the southern Plains, where little or no rain is forecast right through the coming ten-day forecast period. A big shot of cool air is forecast for eastern parts of the Nation later this week (probably producing sub-freezing lows over Wisconsin and Michigan on Saturday morning), but a big warm-up is forecast for areas east of the Rockies for especially October 5-10.

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