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Rains fall; all eyes turn to Isaac

I expected that the rainfall event of the past four days would be one of the best of the entire summer for a big part of the hard-red winter wheat belt and the Corn Belt, and indeed it was...and then some!

Most notable were some heavy amounts of rain that fell over the weekend in southwestern parts of Iowa, far northwestern Missouri, far southeastern Nebraska, and northeastern Kansas. Topping the list of rainfall totals in that area was just over EIGHT INCHES at Lamoni, while places like Clarinda, Shenandoah, Red Oak, Falls City, and Topeka had weekend totals of 2 to 4 inches or more.

Additional rains of one to two inches were reported early in the weekend for the southeastern half of Kansas southward into a large part of Oklahoma and sections of Texas, enough to boost the four-day rainfall total to over three inches at Wichita, over two inches at Salina, and 1-2 inches at Russell, Concordia, Dodge City, Enid, Gage, Childress and Lubbock. Very nice rains moved into northern Illinois and northwestern Indiana yesterday and overnight, producing solid coverage of 1-2+ inch rains for Moline, Quincy, Peoria, Bloomington, Champaign, Lafayette and Terre Haute.

All eyes today are focused on the Gulf of Mexico, where Tropical Storm Isaac appears to be making a bee-line towards the southeastern part of Louisiana. The storm is likely going to slow its forward movement just before as well as after landfall, which means that we are looking at the likelihood of extremely heavy rains for southern Mississippi and southeastern Louisiana. It is very possible that places there will see over a foot of rain. New Orleans is likely going to get hit very hard from the storm; any improvements made to their flood prevention system since Hurricane Katrina in 2005 are going to be put to the test.

Remnants of Isaac are likely going to be producing rains for the central and western Delta for the end of the work-week and even into the southeastern Corn Belt for Friday and into the weekend. It is hard to believe that rain is going to be of any benefit to 2012 corn and soybean crops (certainly will stop the corn harvest effort), but it is certainly good news ahead of winter wheat planting and is going to improve Mississippi River levels to some degree as well.

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