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Rains on their way?

For the second day in a row it is parts of Kansas that has done the best with rainfall across the Nation's midsection. Only extreme northeastern and extreme southeastern Kansas had not seen rain for the 24-hour period ending at 6 AM Central Time, and some big rains of over an inch fell across much of north- central Kansas and into south-central Nebraska. I can confirm 2.3 inches of rain at Concordia and 2.42 inches at Fort Riley, with just over an inch at Manhattan.

Rain amounts of 0.50-1.00" were common for Goodland, Hill City, and Russell, and the same is true in Nebraska for Imperial and North Platte. Considerable rain was still falling at the time of this writing in southeastern Nebraska and northeastern Kansas, with parts of eastern Missouri and far southern Illinois also seeing scattered thunderstorms.

There looks to be a pretty clear distinction over the next ten days with regards to who gets the good rains in the Midwest and who does not. Disfavored areas for rain will be in the northeast, for especially northern parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio; eastern parts of Iowa; southeastern Minnesota; and all of Wisconsin and Michigan. Those areas are apt to see under a half inch of rain the next five days (a lot of areas getting very little) and should see below normal rainfall in the 6-10 day time frame. 

The rest of the Midwest will do better on rains, with at least a half inch of rain the next five days and at least normal rainfall for the 6-10 day period. Bigger 1-2" rains are likely near term in eastern Nebraska, northeastern Kansas, northwestern through east-central Missouri, southern Illinois, and extreme southern Indiana and Ohio ()as well as points to the southeast).

Not everyone in the Midwest is thus going to see the rain that they want/need, but at least everyone is going to see cooler temperatures. The temperature forecast is just not a story right now, with Midwest high temperatures for Monday through Friday or even Saturday of next week looking to stay below 90 degrees most everywhere.

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