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Raven Industries joins Operation Weed Eradication

Weed-fighting coalition also includes BASF and AGCO

Raven Industries has joined AGCO and BASF as the newest Operation Weed Eradication member. This coalition, started in 2019, is an industry-wide mission to enlist farmers and industry leaders to take the approach that the last weed standing is the strongest, most capable, and the most genetically resistant weed on the farm, say coalition officials.

“Raven is committed to raising the bar to improve farm productivity,” said Dominic Walkes, Raven applied technology director of strategic initiatives, in a news release. “For more than 40 years, Raven has been leading the way in sprayer efficacy, and our participation in the Operation Weed Eradication coalition reflects our ongoing commitment to helping growers improve yields and solve challenges for their ag operations.”

Operation Weed Eradication takes a balanced approach of using cultural practices that include:

  • Tillage
  • Cover crops
  • Chemical control such as layering residuals and using herbicides with multiple sites of action

Eradication diligence such as managing weeds around field edges helps growers eradicate Palmer amaranth and waterhemp from their fields. 

“As we continue to build upon the efforts to drive an eradication mind-set toward on-farm pigweed, the Operation Weed Eradication coalition welcomes the opportunity to add Raven as a coalition member, which will only make this industry-wide initiative stronger,” said Nick Fassler, BASF technical marketing group manager, in a news release. “Palmer amaranth and waterhemp are incredibly difficult weeds to control, so it is imperative that we continue to work with farmers and others in the industry to combat these weeds using multiple approaches.”

“We are excited to have Raven join the Operation Weed Eradication coalition,” said David Webster, AGCO director of marketing for application equipment, in a news release. “Adding industry members to the coalition continues to drive the initiative to eliminate these hard-to-control weed species. Our technology and systems, available through AGCO’s RoGator and TerraGator platforms, are geared to give farmers, retailers, and professional applicators the agronomic advantage.”

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