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Severe stress in store for crops

It was Nebraska, Iowa far northern/far northwestern Illinois, and southwestern Wisconsin that had the rains over the past 24 hours, and by no coincidence it was that same area that saw significant relief from heat yesterday.

Southern and eastern parts of the Midwest were again very hot yesterday with highs above 95 (and places like Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Kansas City reaching or exceeding the 100 degree mark) while it was in the 80s for highs in the western Corn Belt for areas north of Interstate 80.

Localized rains in the western/northern Corn Belt were good, especially in northeastern parts of Iowa and far southwestern Wisconsin where totals were over an inch and flash flood warnings were briefly posted. Rain chances for today and tomorrow will favor northern and northeastern parts of the Midwest, with some very good rains expected in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio while decent rains fall in northeastern Iowa, far northern Illinois, and much of Indiana.

 A cool front will give the entire Midwest a rainfall threat for Sunday and into Monday but right now the rain chances with that do not look good. From this week's rain event, still topping my list for places in the Midwest to see limited rains would be Kansas, Missouri, the southern half to as much as two-thirds of Illinois, and southwestern Indiana.

Heat will break for early next week in the Midwest but it will heat right back up again with temperatures for the 6-10 day time frame running a solid distance above normal once again. Thus, for areas that have not and will not get rain near-term, stress next week will stay severe. Rains in the 6-10 day time frame look most favorable in northern and northwestern parts of the Midwest and points northward, where some nice amounts may very well once again fall.

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