Soaked soybeans in Brazil

  • 01

    Harvest is upon many soybean farmers in Brazil, but they're suffering from the opposite natural extreme as their peers in nearby Argentina. Excessive rainfall has the crop deteriorating rapidly and farmers are worried about planting second crop corn, "Safrinha".

  • 02

    Ten days of consecutive rainfall have done a lot of damage to fields like this one near the city of Campina da Lagoa. This field also was hit by a recent hail storm.

  • 03

    The result of these conditions is a "green carpet" on the ground comprising soybean seedlings from the fallen damaged soybean pods.

  • 04

    Though not representative of Brazil's entire crop, this field experienced some seed sprouting from the heavy moisture. About 1/4 of the crop's already out of the ground in Brazil, but moisture levels are running as high as 30%.

  • 05

    Farmers are not just concerned by poor crop conditions, but the prospect that any delays in harvest now could eat into planting time for the "Safrinha," or second crop of the year.

See a few snapshots of the kind of damage Mother Nature's inflicted on the soybean crop in Brazil (photos courtesy Luana Gomes).

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