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Some drought, some flooding for Indiana farmers

Relative to other top corn growing states, drought is not much of an issue for most farmers in Indiana. In fact, some parts of the state have reported flooding this month.

A sliver of Steuben county in the extreme northeast reported moderate drought. About 21% of the Hoosier state is abnormally dry, an improvement from 28% last week. Hot temperatures over the weekend left crops in the northern part of the state in need of rain.

Map of Illinois drought conditions
Photo credit: U.S. Drought Monitor

However, as of Tuesday, nearly 80% of the state is free of drought conditions.

Parts of southern Indiana have recorded more than 4 inches of rain so far this month. Some areas have experienced minor flooding.

Map of Indiana precipitation
Photo credit: Iowa Environmental Mesonet

In the June 7 Crop Progress Report topsoil moisture supplies rated 4% very short, 14% short, 70% adequate, and 12% surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 5% very short, 15% short, 69% adequate, and 11% surplus.

The report indicated 4.6 days were suitable for fieldwork last week. Farmers harvested hay, applied herbicide, sprayed fertilizer, and replanted flooded areas.

Indiana Corn Progress

Monday’s Crop Progress Report said 97% of corn in the state had been planted and 88% had emerged.

The corn crop was rated 10% excellent, 63% good, 21% fair, 4% poor, and 2% very poor.

Indiana Soybean Progress

Indiana farmers have planted 92% of their soybeans, pacing ahead of the 75% five-year average. Soybean emergence was pegged at 78%, also significantly ahead of average.

The Indiana soybean crop was rated 10% excellent, 64% good, 22% fair, 3% poor, 1% very poor.

Indiana Pasture and Range

Indiana pasture and range conditions were rated 16% excellent, 53% good, 25% fair, 4% poor, and 2% very poor in the June 7 Crop Progress Report.

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