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Some good news for glyphosate

European agency says classification of glyphosate regarding carcinogenicity is unjustified.

Glyphosate has taken some beatings in the courts lately. Still, there’s some good news coming out about glyphosate in the European Union (EU), say Bayer officials. 
In the EU, all approved pesticide active ingredients undergo routine scientific evaluations, which are conducted by designated member states and then peer reviewed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Glyphosate is currently going through this routine renewal process in the EU, say Bayer officials. The designated member states for the current glyphosate renewal process – known as the Assessment Group on Glyphosate (AGG) – are France, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Sweden. 

The AGG has published main conclusions of its draft Renewal Assessment Report (dRAR) for glyphosate. The AGG’s conclusions are based on one of the most extensive and comprehensive scientific dossiers ever compiled for a pesticide product, say Bayer officials. 
 Here are some of the AGG’s key findings, according to Bayer officials: 

  • “Based on the current assessment, the AGG considers that glyphosate does meet the approval criteria.”
  • “Taking all the evidence into account, i.e. animal experiments, epidemiological studies and statistical analyses … AGG proposes that a classification of glyphosate with regard to carcinogenicity is not justified.” 
  • “The AGG proposes that classification of glyphosate as toxic for reproduction is not justified.”
  • “The AGG proposes that classification of glyphosate as for germ cell mutagenicity genotoxic or mutagenic is not justified.”
  • “The AGG proposes that classification for specific target organ toxicity is not justified, neither for single nor repeated exposure (STOTSE and STOT-RE) respectively.” 
  • “No chronic or acute consumer risk is expected from treatment of crops with glyphosate according to the representative uses for the current renewal process.” 
  • “Overall, the AGG concludes that glyphosate meets the approval criteria for human health.”

There are still several steps remaining in the current EU glyphosate renewal process, including a peer review of the AGG’s conclusions by EFSA.

The AGG’s conclusions are consistent with the conclusions of leading health authorities around the world, say Bayer officials. For more than 40 years, leading health authorities have repeatedly concluded that glyphosate-based products are safe for use according to label instructions and that glyphosate is not carcinogenic, they add. 

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