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Sound Agriculture adds soybean nutrient product to lineup

SOURCE Soybeans increases access to soil N and P.

Sound Agriculture has made its flagship nutrient efficiency product, SOURCE, available for soybeans, in addition to corn. SOURCE gives crops access to natural forms of nitrogen and phosphorus, supporting increased yield with less impact on the environment. Trials from 2020 show that SOURCE Soybeans increases yield by 2.4 bushels per acre with a 75% win rate.

Soybeans need a steady supply of nitrogen and phosphorus to grow and produce grain. Much of the phosphorus growers apply gets locked up in the soil in a form that is unavailable to crops, according to the company. When phosphate gets bound to other elements in the soil, like calcium and iron, phosphate-solubilizing microbes (PSM) are required to break these bonds and unlock phosphorus for use by the plant. That’s where SOURCE Soybeans comes in. It activates PSM populations in the soil to release the phosphorus and provide more nutrition throughout the growing season. 

SOURCE Soybeans also increases access to nitrogen by stimulating native nitrogen fixing bacteria (NFB) in the soil, ensuring that the plant has enough nitrogen throughout the growing cycle. Similar to other legumes, soybean plants form root nodules that host NFB to provide plant-available nitrogen. However, toward the end of the season during grain-fill, the NFB are not able to keep up with the nitrogen needs of higher-yielding soybeans. Using SOURCE Soybeans provides the extra boost of nitrogen needed during this time to maximize yield.

“Because soybeans can support the fixation of nitrogen, soybean fertility needs are often overlooked,” says Joel Lipsitch, vice president of product management and marketing, Sound Agriculture. “Today’s high-yielding soybeans require optimal nutrition to reach their full potential. SOURCE activates the soil microbes to unlock critical nutrients, giving growers a new tool to improve nutrient efficiency and, ultimately, productivity and profitability.”

SOURCE Soybeans has a new active ingredient specifically tailored to the needs of soybeans. This reliable foliar chemistry is easy to use, as it does not require any special equipment or bear any tank mix limitations.

In addition to SOURCE Soybeans, SOURCE Corn, which sold out in 2020, is available now for the 2021 growing season. To learn more and to find out how to purchase, visit

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