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Southern Planting Back on Track

After a bumpy start to planting in the Southern states, corn planting is quickly catching up to the average five-year pace.

Mississippi farmers have 62% of corn acres planted, falling only slightly behind the 70% five-year average, according to the USDA NASS report for the week summary of April 6 to 12.

“A few more days of sunshine this week allowed for most producers to complete their corn planting with a few fields showing emergence,” says Jon Carson, Extension agent for Issaquena and Sharkey counties in Mississippi. “A few soybeans have also been planted.”

While planting conditions have improved across the majority of Mississippi, there are some areas that are still too wet.

“Different week, same story . . . Little to no fieldwork possible due to extremely wet conditions,” says Skip Glidewell, Extension agent for Prentiss county in northeast Mississippi. “Still no corn planted. Forecast predicts rain for a majority of the coming week as farmers are put further behind.”

Louisiana has almost wrapped up corn planting with 89% complete, barely behind the 97% five-year average. More than half of corn acres have emerged, trailing the 83% five-year average.

“Most all of the corn crop that is going to be planted is planted on the Macon Ridge,” says Bruce Garner, Extension agent from West Carrol parish in Louisiana.

The planting of other crops is also catching up in Louisiana: 41% of sorghum acres are finished, compared to the 55% five-year average. Soybeans are right on track with 13% of acres seeded; the five-year average is 15%.

“Most of the soybean acres have been worked in preparation for planting,” says Barrett Courville, Extension agent from Acadia parish in Louisiana.

Texas planters are also picking up speed with 46% of corn acres planted, slightly behind the 54% five-year average: 22% of those acres have emerged.

Texas farmers have also completed 39% of sorghum acres and 3% of soybeans, behind the five-year averages of 51% and 34%, respectively.

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