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SSGA launches U.S. Identity Preserved designation

Designation will verify origin of premium crops.

The Specialty Soya and Grains Alliance (SSGA) announces the introduction of U.S. Identity Preserved, a designation signifying a premium crop with a verifiable origin. This quality assurance program represents a significant advancement in food traceability for food manufacturers, processors, and exporters, say SSGA officials. 

Traceability in food production is becoming increasingly preferred by consumers and manufacturers. In response, the U.S. Identity Preserved (IP) quality assurance plan and accompanying designation and website, helps parties who are looking for grains with specific traits or qualities such as variety, protein and sugar levels, color, bean size, or flavor. When manufacturers purchase a U.S. Identity Preserved product, they can be assured the grains are traceable from their fields of origin throughout the process of production, processing, packaging, and distribution, which provides the knowledge and assurance customers need, say SSGA officials. 

“With our U.S. Identity Preserved designation, we’re delivering a quality assurance plan that brings together the U.S. IP industry and reinforces the United States as a quality origin for those IP crops,” said Eric Wenberg, SSGA executive director, in a news release. “U.S. Identity Preserved will help U.S. processors and exporters broaden access and open more foreign markets, as well as better compete in the international market.”

Crops Grown with a Purpose

Customers can order specifically what they need for the future so IP producers can grow it today. This ensures quality, consistency, and safety of food; fork-to-farm traceability; and a dependable supply so it is worthwhile for growers and customers alike.

“As a launch partner, Global Processing will begin using this new, industry-defining mark that signifies the value of U.S. Identity Preserved field crops,” said Rob Prather, chief strategic ambassador at Global Processing Inc., in a news release. “This program enhances our offerings in sustainable, traceable, and regenerative products ensuring a stable, consistent, and healthy global food supply.”

Adding Value

With growing consumer and retail demand for increased understanding of how and from where food is produced, traceability has never been more vital. Growers participating in the program must follow rigorous specifications throughout the production process (preplanting through harvest), storage, processing, and distribution. This includes taking great care to avoid any cross-contamination, adhering to field verifications and program audits, chain of custody verification, proper labeling, and product identification and other checks and assurances.

“The value U.S. Identity Preserved processors offer comes through the strict protocols and safety measures that ensure the quality, consistency, and security of their products throughout the value chain,” Wenberg said. “Identity Preserved products demand a premium because of the close attention IP farmers, processors, and shippers pay to quality requirements and safety and the commitment to fulfill the needs of their customers.”  

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