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Syngenta: No Judgment Reached on Agrisure Viptera Lawsuits

If you’ve heard there’s been a judgment rendered against Syngenta in the Agrisure Viptera corn lawsuits, that’s not the case, say Syngenta officials.

Syngenta release this statement yesterday:

“A plaintiff’s lawyer has issued a public statement claiming that damages have been awarded in the Agrisure Viptera corn lawsuits against Syngenta. That statement is false. No court has made any such determination. Syngenta acted appropriately in this matter, believes the lawsuits are baseless, and will continue to defend against them. American farmers deserve to have access to U.S.-approved technologies like Agrisure Viptera that can help increase their crop yields and productivity.”

Entities ranging from Cargill to corn farmers are suing Syngenta over the Swiss firm’s launching of Agrisure Viptera without receiving import approvals from China. Cargill’s concern is that Syngenta launched the product before import approval was obtained in China.

This action negatively impacted U.S. grain and grain product export markets, Cargill officials say. Cargill cites a 2014 study by the National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) showing that U.S. exporters and farmers lost up to an estimated $2.9 billion because of the uncertain trade environment the Viptera launch created.

Just where the release came from isn’t for certain, though. But there is agreement with Syngenta that there has been no decision by any court from one of the law firms representing farmers in legal action against Syngenta.

“There has been no judgment, no dispositions taken, no trial scheduled yet,” says Mikal Watts with Watts Guerra, a San Antonio, Texas, firm. “We are in the early stages of it.”

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