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Syngenta Announces Release of Fungicide Targeting SDS

Today Syngenta announced the addition of Mertect 340-F fungicide to its portfolio. When Clariva Complete Beans and Mertect 340-F fungicide are combined, there's potential for reduced damage from soybean sudden death syndrome (SDS). Mertect 340-F provides proven, effective SDS protection and can be applied with Clariva Complete Beans and CruiserMaxx Beans with Vibrance seed treatments, both combinations of separately registered products, according to a company report.
SDS has been detected in most major soybean-producing states. Symptoms of SDS include visible initial leaf discoloring and crinkling, followed by the yellowing of leaf tissue between the major veins and, ultimately, the death of the plant. When SDS occurs along with soybean cyst nematode (SCN), disease symptoms occur earlier and are more severe – and can lead to additional yield loss.
Last year, Syngenta introduced Clariva Complete Beans seed treatment. Along with providing effective, season-long protection against SCN, Clariva Complete Beans also has the potential to reduce the impact of SCN-related diseases like SDS, according to a company report. SCN damage can provide an entry point for the SDS pathogen to attack the plant.
Mertect 340-F has shown consistent performance and yield protection under SDS pressure in four consecutive years of testing, according to a company report. And Mertect 340-F offers additional activity on seedborne diseases such as Phomopsis, and has a first-rate seed safety profile for germination and stand protection.
“With Clariva Complete Beans and Mertect 340-F, Syngenta provides growers with additional options to reduce damage from SDS,” said Wouter Berkhout, Seedcare product lead at Syngenta. “We're very happy to provide effective solutions for treaters and growers to protect from all major soybean pests: SCN, seedling diseases, and SDS.”

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