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Tech and data solutions are key to unlocking sustainability

Arva Intelligence and Augmenta have partnered to offer farmers convenient infield analytics, automation, and environmental opportunities.

Arva Intelligence is a machine learning and artificial intelligence modeling company serving the agriculture industry. The company provides customized recommendations by field that match genetics, biology, and fertility to the environment.

Augmenta’s precision ag technology can help farmers reduce both the chemical load in soils and input costs, while improving the quality of produce and profitability. The Augmenta Field Analyzer mounts on the tractor cabin roof and gathers crop health and needs across the field.

With Arva’s comprehensive data platform and Augmenta’s proprietary automated in-season nutrient optimization system, clients benefit from practical and efficacious input application, enhanced sustainability, and carbon offset credit accumulation.

“We have worked with Augmenta both on our farming operation and professionally as they scaled their business in the U.S.,” Matt Rohlik, managing director for Arva says. “Augmenta has an efficient and streamlined system for in-season nutrient management. Not only are they optimizing nutrient placement, but also creating carbon offsets through nutrient efficiency, providing additional value to growers and their trusted advisers.”

Jim Evangelopoulos, head of commercial and cofounder for Augmenta says, “Arva’s grower-first, trusted advisor-led approach in the carbon and sustainability markets aligns with Augmenta’s go-to-market strategy. We heavily value our partner approach as our solution doesn’t disrupt farmers or retailers but easily integrates with normal agronomic practices. Our clients will have the opportunity to benefit from crop inputs optimization, carbon offset credits, and farming automation.”

Convenient and accessible technologies and data are the key to unlocking sustainability, and the ag supply chain will lead this revolution.

Whether optimizing choice or placement of genetics, fertility, or biologicals, tools that help streamline efforts to manage and access this information will empower growers to be even more competitive and profitable.

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