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Tips to Keep Stored Grain in Condition This Summer

“We’ve lived in a period of time the last several years where there has been very little grain carryover, markets have been good, and almost everybody has been marketing grain by June 1,” says Gary Woodruff, GSI. Now that grain prices are lower, more farmers are storing grain for longer periods of time.

When grain is stored through summer, it takes a little bit more management to ensure grain stays in condition. You need to keep the grain cool, ideally around 40° in northern regions and 50° in southern states. You need to make sure the grain is properly aerated. You need to check the grain frequently for signs of an insect infestation or mold growth.

If you can successfully do these three things, you should be able to keep your grain in condition. This way you can market your grain when you want to, not because you are forced to because its condition is deteriorating.

Now may also be a good time to evaluate the cost of your grain storage, dissecting your grain storage expenses to look for potential cost savings opportunities, including storage facility cost, interest on grain inventory, extra drying of corn, extra corn shrinkage, extra handling cost, and quality deterioration.

In the links below, you’ll find helpful tips for keeping grain in condition and reducing grain storage costs.

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