Tour Argentina's soggy fields

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    Mauricio Torres farms in Chacabuco, Argentina, just west of Buenos Aires. That area's just starting to recover from torrential rains this fall that have delayed planting and early crop development. Those delays could have even longer-lasting ramifications to crop production in that region. Here are a few photos of Torres' inundated fields.

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    This field is typical after massive rains have hit the area in the last few weeks. Torres grows corn, soybeans and wheat on his farm.

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    The flooding has receded from some fields like this one, but Torres says the moisture's preventing key chemical applications.

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    Just this week, some areas dried up enough for farmers to resume planting soybeans, like in this field.

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    Torres stopped here to get a closer look at the heavy soil moisture, held in place in fields like this by equally heavy crop residue.

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    Here's a shot of one of the better wheat fields in Torres' area. Still, it's easy to see where the water robbed yield potential.

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    Here's another field Torres found dry enough to resume soybean planting earlier this week.

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    The corn that had been planted earlier has watched yield potential shrivel with the heavy rains, too.

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    Here's another shot of Torres' corn, this one with a little better stand.

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    But, stands like that are fairly rare in Chacabuco. "There are many surface lots lost in corn," Torres says.

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