Tour: Major crop pains in Illinois

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    This soybean field in Edgar County, Illinois, is well shorter than normal and not canopying like it should, but with any rain in the near future, it could bounce back, crop scouts on the tour said Tuesday.

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    The soils in this field in Vermillion County, Illinois, are extremely dry, and with 100-degree temperatures (and it's still not even August), these beans may start to go downhill quick without rain soon.

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    Here's a closer look at the soil in that same field. Crop scouts on the Tour Tuesday said this field's soil "couldn't get any drier."

  • 04's Mike McGinnis checks out an ear from a corn field in Ford County, Illinois. It's one of few ears that Tour crop scouts were able to pull from fields in that county, which has been slammed hard by drought this year.

  • 05

    The corn ears that are out there are small and already at the dent stage. "In Illinois, there was certainly some variability, but overall yields were slightly below my already low expectations," says Kyle Tapley, MDA EarthSat meteorologist and Tour organizer.

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    Here are a few more ears from central Illinois. During Tuesday's stops on the MDA Crop Tour, crop scouts found corn yields ranging between 0 and 188 bushels/acre.

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    "The soybean crop continued to look better than I expected, but will need significant rainfall to produce a decent crop," Tapley said of the central Illinois bean crop after Tuesday's assessment.

  • 08

    This photo, as McGinnis says, is the "story for 2012 in the eastern Corn Belt." This field in Ford County, Illinois, had zero ears in MDA's yield potential test. And, there are many like it throughout the heart of corn country.

  • 09

    This photo shows another central Illinois soybean field that's succumbed to this year's drought. The plants are incredibly short and, though putting on pods, aren showing very little canopy.

Rain will help the Illinois soybean crop, but will it come? See what this week's crop tour found this week.

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