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Unsettled weather to push corn planting into June

It is rather difficult this morning to find places in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and southern Michigan that did not see at least an inch of rain since yesterday morning, and localized rains exceeded three inches. With so much corn left to plant in Ohio and significant amounts left to plant in Indiana and Michigan, this rain was about the last thing that we wanted to see and obviously means that fieldwork is again shut down for the rest of this week.

 I think that probably 80 percent of Ohio's corn will still need to be planted as of May 29, with big amounts in Indiana and Ohio as well. For the Nation, I think that more than 10 percent of the corn crop will be seeded this year in the month of June, the most seen in 15 years.

It does still look like a warmer and drier weather pattern needed for that planting to take place will be seen. Indiana/Michigan/Ohio will see rain today but will then be dry through at least Tuesday (and I am not overly impressed with their rainfall chances in the 6-10 day time frame). Another area of the Nation with a lot of fieldwork still to do...but one that has a wet the northern Plains.

Rain will work across all of that area by midday tomorrow and that will start a period of "unsettled" weather for the holiday weekend...culminating in a strong storm system on Monday. Lots of crops in the northern Plains are thus going to be planted in June this year as well. While all of that wet weather draws a lot of attention, equally as serious is dry weather in southern parts of the Nation.

I continue to be very pessimistic about the rain chances for the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles, and parts of that area may see highs to 110 degrees on Saturday. It is also very dry in the Southeast, where temperatures were warm enough yesterday to set a few records in Georgia and the Carolinas. There too we should see below normal rainfall continuing over the next ten days.

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