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UPL and AgBiTech partnership to bring new biosolutions to the western United States

Bioinsecticides Heligen and Fawligen to be released in Arizona, California, and Hawaii this year.

A strategic partnership between UPL and AgBiTech will bring new biosolutions to Arizona, California, and Hawaii. UPL will distribute AgBiTech products through its Natural Plant Protection (NPP) business unit.

“At the core of UPL’s OpenAg approach is our vision that true innovation is inspired by collaboration, and that working together creates the most impactful results for agriculture,” said Jim Petta, UPL Natural Plant Protection head, North America, in a news release. “Our partnership with AgBiTech exemplifies our promise to be that catalyst for innovation to help solve problems for growers — and society — today and in the future.”

The collaboration will start this year with the release of two OMRI-certified biosolutions: Heligen and Fawligen. AgBiTech will provide the technology and distribution rights for the western United States.

“This agreement solidifies our commitment to bringing safe and effective integrated pest management solutions to growers in North America,” said Marcos Castro, vice president of sales and marketing for AgBiTech. “We are looking forward to delivering our unique biosolutions to the western U.S., and we believe in the biological focus UPL is bringing to market.”

Heligen is a novel and highly selective IRAC Group 31 biological insecticide. It provides farmers cost-efficient protection against corn earworm, cotton bollworm, tomato fruitworm, and tobacco budworm larvae, particularly those that are resistant to traditional insecticides. Fawligen is an IRAC Group 31 biological insecticide designed to control fall armyworm. For more information on the partnership or new products, click here.

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