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U.S. Corn Harvest Is 5% Complete, USDA Reports

Corn maturity rate continues to drag.

On Monday, the USDA kept its U.S. soybean crop ratings little changed, while maturity rates for corn continue to lag averages.


As of Sunday, 5% of the U.S. corn crop had been harvested, compared with a 6% five-year average.

Also, 61% of the U.S. corn crop had been rated good/excellent, equal to 61% a week ago, according to the USDA Crop Progress Report Monday.

USDA pegged the amount of the U.S. corn in the dough-growth period at 96%, compared with a 97% five-year average.

For corn, 75% of the crop has reached the dented growth stage vs. a 81% five-year average.

Also, 21% of the corn crop has matured vs. a 31% five-year average.

See corn harvest progress for each state.


For soybeans, the U.S. soybean crop good/excellent rating is at 60%, equal to last week’s 61% rating.

The USDA pegged soybean leaf-dropping at 22% vs. a 25% five-year average.

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