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U.S. Corn Harvest Moves Over Halfway Point, USDA Reports

Soybean harvest nears three-fourths completion mark.

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The U.S. corn and soybean harvest paces have advanced more than the trade’s expectation, according to the USDA.

Still, many Midwest states remain behind their five-year averages.


In its Weekly Crop Progress Report Monday, the USDA pegged the corn harvest at 63%, ahead of the trade’s expectation of 60% and equal to the prior five-year average of 63%.

Iowa, the No. 1 U.S. corn-producing state has 49% of its crop picked, behind its five-year average of 57%. Nebraska has picked 47% of its corn, behind its five-year average of 55%.

Illinois and Indiana farmers have harvested 89% and 77% of their corn, respectively, ahead of their five-year averages.



Soybean collection was 72% complete, above the trade’s expectation of 68%, and behind a 81% five-year average.

Again, Iowa farmers have cut 71% of their crop, below an 86% five-year average. Nebraska has 74&% of its crop cut vs. a 90% five-year average.

Meanwhile, Minnesota has 87% of its harvest completed vs. a 95% five-year average.



Winter wheat was 78% planted, below a 85% five-year average.

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