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U.S. Grain, Soybean Carryouts Drop

DES MOINEA, Iowa ( all cases, the USDA raised the U.S. corn, soybean, and wheat carryouts above the trade's expectations Friday, but lower than its previous estimates.

In its October WASDE Report, the USDA pushed up U.S. 2015-16 corn carryout by 63.0 million bushels vs. its September estimate. Also, U.S. soybean carryout at 27.0 million bushels above its previous estimate. In fact, the U.S. wheat carryout, at 40.0 million bushels greater than USDA's September estimate, was the biggest surprise.

USDA October Supply-Demand Report: 2015-16 US Carryout

Billion Bushels


2015-16 Oct.
Ave. Trade Estimate
2015-16 Sept.
CORN  1.561 1.498 1.592 1.732
SOYBEANS  42.5 0.398 0.450 0.210
WHEAT  861 0.821 0.875 0.753

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