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U.S. Winter Wheat Rating Hits Lowest Mark on Record for Early April

Kansas, Oklahoma ratings inch upward.

DES MOINES, Iowa — On Monday, the USDA dropped the U.S. winter wheat conditions, as cold weather continues to grip the Plains states.

In its Weekly Crop Progress Report, the USDA rated the U.S. winter wheat conditions at 30% good/excellent (second lowest on record for the week), and down two percentage points from a week ago.
Winter wheat was rated as 53% good/excellent at this time in 2017.

The wheat crop in Kansas improved slightly, rated 13% good/excellent this week vs. 10% a week ago. In Oklahoma, the wheat good/excellent rating came in at 10%, up from 9% a week ago.

The improvements in Kansas and Oklahoma were offset by declines in some soft red winter wheat states and Idaho.

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