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USDA announces new alfalfa foraging grant

The Alfalfa Seed and Alfalfa Forage System Program (ASAFS), a program created by the United States Department of Agriculture, is offering a grant to help producers improve alfalfa forage and seed production systems. Proposals must be submitted by June 2.

There is an estimated $3 million available, and individual grants can reach up to $900,000, with a payout of $300,000 a year for three years. If received, the producer must be able to match the grant amount with non-federal funds – including funds from an agricultural
commodity promotion, research, and information program – or in-kind support. 

Proposals submitted should address at least one of the following ASAFS priorities:

  1. Improve alfalfa forage and seed yield through better nutrient, water and/or pest management.
  2. Improve persistence of alfalfa stands by lessening biotic or abiotic stresses.
  3. Improve alfalfa forage and seed harvesting and storage systems to optimize economic returns.
  4. Improve estimates of alfalfa forage quality as an animal feed to increase forage usage in animal feeds.
  5. Breed to address biotic and abiotic stresses that impact forage yield and persistence and the production of seed for propagation.

Individuals who have previously submitted proposals must also include a response to the previous review panel summary. The evaluation is a two-step process: a preliminary review to ensure the proposal meets the administrative requirements, and then a scientific peer-review process to evaluate proposals that have met the administrative requirements.

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