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USDA: Corn and Soybeans Advance in Maturity

DES MOINES, Iowa (— While crop conditions remain similar to last week, the USDA reports a jump in crop development for both corn and soybeans from one week ago.

The USDA reports that 90% of the corn crop is silking vs. 78% from one week ago. U.S. corn in the dough stage is at 29%, up 14% from last week, but 2% lower than the five-year average.

In the Weekly Crop Progress Report, U.S. corn is 70% good/excellent, vs. 73% at this time in 2014. Minnesota's corn crop rates at 87% good/excellent condition, with Iowa following at 83%. The USDA sees Ohio's corn crop 46% good/excellent and 34% fair. Indiana ends the week with 25% of the crop in poor/very poor condition.

The U.S. soybean crop increased 1% to a 63% good/excellent rating, 8% behind last year. The USDA has soybeans blooming at 81%, up 10% from last week, and slightly lower than the five-year average of 83%.

The U.S. winter wheat harvest is 93% completed, 8% ahead of the five-year average and 4% ahead of last year.

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