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USDA: Corn and Soybeans Progress in Maturity

The USDA Weekly Crop Progress Report shows U.S. corn and soybeans have matured significantly compared to one week ago, while crop conditions remain stable.

U.S corn stayed at a good/excellent rating of 68%, after dropping from 69% to 68% in good/excellent condition last week. 

The USDA rates corn maturity at 20%, up 11% from one week ago, yet 6% behind the 5-year average of 26%.

The percentage of U.S. soybeans dropping leaves doubled from 9% last week to 18% this week. This progress is 2% ahead of the 5-year average of 16%.

The USDA gave U.S. soybeans a 63% good/excellent condition rating, which is behind last year’s rating of 72%, but steady with last week's condition.

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