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USDA Crop Progress Report Prints Corn Harvest at 41%

Both corn and soybean harvest progress come in below expectations.

DES MOINES, Iowa -- U.S. farmers did not make the harvest progress last week that the trade expected, according to Monday’s USDA Crop Progress Report.

Farmers in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin are having the darndest time getting their crops harvested, due to inclement weather.

North Dakota is only 29% harvested on soybeans, below a 91% five-year average. Iowa farmers have only 26% of their corn out of the fields, compared with a 53% five-year average.  


In its weekly Crop Progress Report, the USDA pegged the U.S. corn harvest at 41% complete, below the trade’s expectation of 48% and below a five-year average 61%.

Minnesota is behind the most regarding picking corn: 22% vs. a 56% five-year average.

The overall condition of the corn crop is rated at 58% good to excellent in the top 18 corn producing states vs. 56% a week ago.



The amount of soybeans cut totaled 62%, below an 80% five-year average, and below the trade's expectations of 65%.

The USDA pegged the amount of soybeans dropping leaves at 97% vs. a five-year average of 99%.

A number of major soybean-producing states remain way below their five-year averages.

For instance, Iowa has just 66% of its soybeans cut vs. 80% five-year average. Minnesota has 62% of its harvest complete vs. a 93% five-year average. North Dakota is only 29% complete vs. a 91% five-year average. And, Wisconsin farmers have only 46% of their soybeans cut vs. a five-year average of 73%.


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