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USDA's SECD Response Found To Be Lackluster

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) is not impressed with the way the USDA responded to the 2013 Swine Enteric Coronavirus Disease (SECD) outbreaks. The GAO was asked to review the SECD outbreaks and the USDA’s efforts to help. The USDA didn’t take regulatory action after the organization learned of the outbreaks, it only supported the safety efforts the swine industry took on its own. 

On top of that, USDA officials have admitted that the organization didn’t follow its guidance that requires investigating the onset of outbreaks. Because of that lack of initial research, the SECD source will most likely never be known. 

In June 2014, more than a year after an SECD outbreak was detected (May 2013), the USDA took action with a federal order requiring reporting of newly infected herds. After taking that initiative, the USDA obtained more quality information about the amount of animals affected and where SECD was most prominent. That research helped the USDA confirm SECD existence in 28 states. 

The USDA has drafted new guidance for future threatening animal diseases, but has yet to define its specific roles and responsibilities. 

To see the GAO's full report, click here.

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