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Verdesian Life Sciences Announces New Seed Inoculant Product for Soybeans

Today Verdesian Life Sciences, LLC (Verdesian) announced a new seed inoculant for soybeans — Preside CL, available for the 2015 growing season.
In replicated field trials, seeds inoculated with Preside CL reached canopy closure faster than those with conventional inoculants. Canopy row closure by pod set (R3 growth stage) helps the plant maximize light interception during the critical pod- and seed-filling period and also can reduce soil moisture loss.

“We’re in the business of providing farmers with the best start possible to their growing season, and this product pays off that promise, particularly as growers are planting as early as possible,” said J.J. Grow, chief executive officer for Verdesian. “We think soybean growers will appreciate the fact that Preside CL helps create strong, healthy plants that can withstand adversity early in the season.”
The product provides four times more rhizobia than the competition, increasing the number of productive root nodules that fix more nitrogen for the plant, say company representatives.

Preside CL also contains the Take Off technology from Verdesian that improves the nutrient acquisition and utilization of the plant. This combination of technology helps soybeans produce up to 65% more nodule mass than soybeans treated with a conventional inoculant.
For seed treaters, the efficiency with which Preside CL is applied also helps the product stand apart. It has low viscosity, which limits stickiness during application to the seed, reducing bridging on treating equipment and thus the time spent handling the seed. The low viscosity also translates to ease of planting for the grower.
The Preside CL package consists of only two liquid bladder components for ease and simplicity. Speed of application is also improved for the applicator due to the low use rate and low viscosity of the formulation. This minimizes the drying time and further speeds up the application process.
“The ease of use, in addition to product efficiency, makes the new Preside CL a top choice for seed treaters and growers who are looking to harvest the full potential of today’s high-value seed,” said Jim Pullins, marketing manager for Verdesian Seed Treatments & Inoculants.
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